5 Reasons Why You Might Not Be A Real Introvert!

Introversion is predominantly a biological personality. You could do your own research and identify the specific behavior patterns of introverts to form the conclusion that you truly are an introvert. But what if your research is inaccurate? What if preferring solitude and avoiding/limiting social interactions are more likely related to some other factors rather than your personality?! What if you really are not an introvert?!! We will find out what you really are if not an introvert. There was a time when introversion was widely misunderstood. But now, things have changed and people have started accepting introverts for who they really are. Introverts are different and looking at an introvert some would say, 'Do you know him? He is kinda different and mysterious, right? He doesn't talk much and I guess that validates the saying, "intelligent folks keep their mouth shut" He has a cool attitude and has a kind of aura around him that makes him special, eh?' People nowadays like to be labeled as 'different' since that gives them a sense of awesomeness. The kind of attention introverts get nowadays may persuade an extrovert to have a subconscious thought, 'I wish I could be an introvert for a while to experience life from a different perspective'. There are several reasons why people 'become' an introvert. When you are:

1) An Egoist/Insecure Person

Introvert Ego Hate Insecure

Once a person told me, 'Earlier I was an extrovert, but nowadays I feel like I'm more introverted'. When I asked him the reasons for this shift in personality, he said, 'I think my coworkers are trying to backstab me, I don't trust any of them. In fact, I hate them all. Now, I have stopped having conversations with them'. The moment he said this, I realized that it's his insecurities that forced him to become introverted. I suggested him to set aside his ego/insecurity and talk to them in person to resolve his issues with them. This is how ego, insecurities or arrogance of an extrovert makes him an introvert. Their ego or arrogance forced them to avoid people and they would simply assume that they have become an introvert. Hating or avoiding others doesn't make them an introvert rather it would make them inferior to others because hate is an extremely negative feeling one could have towards their fellow human beings.

2) An Internet/Game Addict

Introvert Addict Internet Game

We are living in the information era and majority of us have access to internet 24/7 and internet could easily make us introverted. An extrovert/ambivert would forget their surroundings once they become an internet/game addict. Eventually, they would avoid close relatives and friends because addiction would persuade them to believe that internet is more interesting than people. They wouldn't get exhausted by small talk rather they would find trolls or memes on social media more entertaining than small talk and therefore give preference to virtual entertainments. Once again, they would simply assume that they have become an introvert. What they don't understand is that introversion is an inborn personality and not a personality you adopt whenever you wish.

3) A Person Who Suffers From Disorders

Introvert Disorder Schizoid

Mental disorders make a person an introvert and they wouldn't even fully realize that. People with Schizoid personality disorder tend to stay away from social interaction and this disorder is more inclined to introversion. Introverts enjoy occasional socializing, but a person suffering from Schizoid disorder avoids any kind of socializing at all costs. In fact, all people suffering from Schizoid are likely to be introverts, but all introverts are not Schizoids. Extroverts rarely suffer from Schizoid but when an extrovert/ambivert child gets struck by Schizoid then he/she would likely become an extreme introvert from then on. Other such disorders are Narcissistic personality disorder (lack of empathy for others), Antisocial personality disorder and Internet addiction disorder.

4) A Person Who Suffers From Conditions

Introvert Condition Syndrome Fatigue

We know that introverts get exhausted by small talk/excessive socializing. What if these exhaustions are not caused by your personality, but by certain conditions/syndromes like Chronic fatigue syndrome, Gibert's syndrome or Anemia that forces you to crawl back to your cave? Gilbert's syndrome is an inborn error of metabolism that makes you extremely tired, just like introversion is an inborn personality that makes you tired from excessive socializing.

5) An Introverted Extrovert

Introvert Extrovert MBTI

Sometimes, extroverts take interest in introvert's life. To find a purpose in life and to find their inner self they become asocial and embrace introversion. There are also highly sensitive extroverts like ENFPs and ENFJs of MBTI types. They are emotionally intelligent beings and empaths who initially give the impression of introverts. They could see and feel everything around them, which would exhaust them very quickly. Therefore, they sometimes prefer two or three close friends over a bunch of people and that makes them introverted extroverts.

So, who do you think you really are? An introvert (inborn) or just introverted (superimposed/extrinsic)?


  1. This is really interesting article, but so delicate also. The test I took showed the results I am an INFJ, and that kinda opened my eyes. Yes, I seek for justice most of my precious time, and I accept and forgive, and I am over sensitive. Over sensitivity is what was making troubles before. No one understood. But I accepted it rather than being trouble-minded teenager. I have a son and my INFJ personality serves me very well now that I've accepted it and learned how to deal with it on the daily basis.

    1. I'm glad to know that and I thank you for sharing your wisdom :-)

  2. Maybe I am an introverted introvert. I am an INFJ. I don't like comparing introvert and extrovert because it does not matter to me. I am a human being and so others.

    1. Yes! But a healthy comparison between introverts and extroverts would help us identify and appreciate the uniqueness of both the personalities :-)

  3. I enjoyed reading this. I've never done an actual personality test to establish whether I'm an intro/extrovert, however, I'm fairly certain, I'm an extrovert with sometimes introvert traits... But after reading this article, I can see where my introvert traits stem from other things, as you suggested. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Speaking from an extravert point of view, it makes sense what you're saying. A lot of people will have insecurities and whatnot about talking to people but doesn't everyone ?

    1. Definitely. Everyone does have insecurities irrespective of introvert/extrovert. Here the focus is on extroverts since it's written from an introvert's perspective, about introverted extroverts :-)

  5. Is really annoying what this introvert hype has become. I guess that's what happens because of media, like how nerds/geeks were always despised by society, but after The Big Bang Theory series everybody just buy a star wars shirt and put some fake glasses and is like "#I'm so geek".

    I've been introverted my whole life. Since I was a toddler, while other kids were noisy and liked groups, I was more kept to myself and hardly cried. And living on an extroverted world, I had a lot of disavantages and problems to form social bonds and stuff.

    Now with this hype, f*cking drama queens who have a thousand friends, go out everytime and won't shut up (avoid silence at all costs) just pass through a bad phase or feel a little depressed and come like "hey, now I get you, I think I'm an Introvert" and all I think is "Bitch, please".

    1. Yes! Many extroverts, nowadays masquerade as introverts because of this introvert hype. You're spot on!

  6. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing


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