4 Reasons Why Introverts Shouldn't Copy Extroverts

Introverts sometimes hate themselves and feel inferior to extroverts. We think the world is dominated by extroverts, which is true to some extent and therefore we mimic/copy extrovert behavior to a greater extent that we gradually forget our 'real self' by blindly embracing the 'ideal self' which some of us think is extroversion. I would say, 'ridiculous'. We shouldn't do that. Instead, we should make our own space in a world dominated by extroverts. Why follow someone if you could be the game changer?!

1) You Can't Change A Personality

Introvert Extrovert Personality Unique

Introversion like extroversion is an inborn personality and the wiring of brains are totally different from one another. No matter how well you imitate an extrovert, at the end of the day, you would only find peace/satisfaction in your own skin. Perhaps, one could change a shy person to an outgoing person because shyness is more of a character trait. But it's near impossible to completely change a definite personality like introversion and extroversion. We are unique in our own ways and extroverts are unique in their own ways! The world needs introverts as much as it needs extroverts.

2) No Real Deal Outside Comfort Zone

Introvert Preference Comfort

People would preach to an introvert to get out of his/her comfort zone and face the real world. I would ask, 'Why? What would we gain? Why should we endure the painful small talk just for the sake of it?' We just can't stand the shallow conversations that usually happen outside our comfort zone. We would get out of the comfort zone when we have to accomplish our basic needs and responsibilities. We love genuine challenges and are not afraid of people, I would call it PREFERENCE. No BS! Introverts have a craving for knowledge. And we would mostly prefer knowledge from books or Quora over people's superficial conversation that often takes place outside the comfort zone. As simple as that!

3) Intelligence Matters!

Introvert Intelligent Alien Computer

Most introverts are smart and intelligent folks who can't stand trivia. Intelligent people are most likely interested in talking about ideas, concepts and theories while less intelligent people would talk about people and would find happiness from gossiping. There is nothing wrong in gossiping and I wouldn't deny the fact that small talk is necessary to get to know someone. But often introverts are drained by small talk and we would find it boring and insignificant. If intellectual topics like alien life, after life, artificial intelligence, computer simulation or conspiracy theories catch our attention, we would talk about it all day long. And some extroverts would find these topics too technical or damn boring. We should be glad that we have got something really interesting to talk/think about other than making silly conversations!

4) No Real Benefit In Forcing Yourself

Introvert Business Extrovert Career

Introverts are the minority and we should accept the fact that our society, in almost all instances caters to the majority. The best example is how silly potboiler movies become a major box-office success than nonlinear intellectual movies. Introverts shouldn't push themselves to become extroverts, but rather they could wear an extrovert mask when necessary. To become a businessman, you have to be a little extroverted, more often than not you have to converse with people. In such scenarios, you need to switch to an extrovert. Otherwise, you should pursue a career that allows you to embrace your natural personality. And there are many jobs out there where introverts could thrive. So it's all up to you, whether to mimic/copy extroversion or to embrace your introversion and fly high!


  1. A great piece of advice for the most who fake it to act cool in front of people. Diversity is essential, be it nature or Humans.
    Well said mate.!

  2. great article! it is all very true & explains a lot of how i feel towards the world.

  3. This is so true and can relate easily to an introvert like me!!

  4. Well said, Adil. Introvert is a healthy personality type just like extrovert. There isn't any need for an introvert to become an extrovert. People always tell introverts that more social participation will help them, distress them, etc. However, that is not how introverts relax. Introverts are not anti-social, they just socialize less often. And like Akhil said, in the first comment, diversity is essential.

    1. Thank you! And yes, introverts are not anti-social, but just asocial sometimes and there is nothing wrong in that. As Akhil said, we need diversity. There wouldn't be any inventions in this world if all people had the same personality and thought process.

  5. I love it, i'll never change, people always ask me and my answer is NO, never i prefer to die that change myself, I love me, i love who i am and how i am.

    1. Yes! Nothing makes a person happier than living in one's own skin. Embrace your introversion :-)

  6. It can only be deceiving oneself by faking a personality or choosing to be who you are not.....it is best to embrace oneself n be proud.


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