3 Reasons Why INFJs Are So Unique

INFJs (Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Judgment) are the rarest of the rare in Myers-Briggs Types, which constitute only 2% of the world's population. They have a strong sense of emotion and have the greatest gift of life that they can give to humanity; Empathy. They are a misunderstood lot and people sometimes criticize them for being too passive. But, once the misconceptions are rejected, INFJs would be the most unique persons you would ever meet in life. These are the 3 reasons why INFJs are so unique:

1. They are peculiar/odd

INFJ quiet mystery emotional caring
INFJs are sometimes aloof and they would often find it really hard to open up to people. They are over thinkers and they sometimes overthink about something to a point that they would actually become extremely depressed and would also experience different emotions simultaneously without a warning. Although INFJs hate small talks, occasionally they would become very talkative, almost like maniacs in conversation, when a subject really interests them. But then suddenly in the midst of the conversation, they would become quiet and get absorbed in their thoughts. Then they would go back to their caves and wouldn't let anyone in. They seem to be stoic, unapproachable and mysterious. But in reality, they are only cold outwardly and are warm inwardly. Once a person gets to know an INFJ closely, they would realize that INFJs are the most emotional, caring and empathetic persons they would ever meet.

2. They don't get easily excited/surprised

INFJ Surprise Excitement Feeling

INFJs would get really excited about strange things that most people wouldn't get excited about, and they wouldn't get excited about normal things that most people would get excited about. It is hard to make an INFJ genuinely surprised and they don't get easily excited, but they would mostly fake excitement due to their Fe (extroverted feeling). They don't want to feel left out and also they don't want to make others feel bad. They sometimes feel that it is hard to emote, cause it would be exhausting and would waste the little amount of social energy they have got. They would even fake a 'surprised facial expression' when their friends try to surprise them with birthday cakes, that they would have earlier stated clearly not to buy!

3. They don't take part in arguments

INFJ Introvert different  argument

Nowadays, one could easily indulge in arguments anywhere, be it in real life or in virtual life. For a virtual argument, just give your opinion to a Facebook post by a comment, and instantly you would get a reply opposing you. It is rather easy for an introvert to argue in the virtual world than in the real world. But INFJs are different, most of them believe that diplomacy would be more effective at changing people's mind than arguments. They find it meaningless in creating a heated debate, as it would make them mentally exhausted and would give them no pleasure. Moreover, people are more likely to pay no attention to what the other person is saying, in a heated debate, because they would only focus on what to say next. Therefore INFJs would mostly prefer intellectual, calm discussions over debates. These reasons truly make them so unique!


  1. great article ~ described me exactly

  2. Good catch. I haven't read anything like the second one from any INFJ related articles as far as I can remember. It is so true to me that I don't really get excited on things that most people find exciting, oftentimes I feel the other way around, I get excited on things they don't even care about.

  3. This is so relatable. Me, being an INFP, still can relate to majority of the points. No doubt INFJs are the rarest!

  4. Great article.
    I am hungry for knowledge but cannot hear when it is a heated argument. An intelligent calm conversation allows an exchange of ideas and possibly a chance at opening one's eyes to a new perspective.
    I listen to all sorts of news casts from Fox to NPR to hear the different viewpoints. Lately, I avoid certain topics completely because my brain is not equipped to respond with quick retorts . . . just want to learn more.

    1. Glad to know that and thank you for your insight :-)

  5. This is so me, and thanx to let me know that i'm unique 😂

  6. Smiling while reading this. I am an INFJ according to my college exit exam.

  7. Woohoo!
    Holy cow, you described me to a tee! I am so glad I found your blog! looking forward to reading more... ;)


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