The Ultimate Introverts Of The Universe

Ultimate Introvert Shiva

Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world, with over one billion followers. There are a large number of Gods in Hinduism, but the renowned ones are the Holy Trinity. As far as I know, Mahabharata and Ramayana (two of the Greatest spiritual epics of Hinduism), the Vedas, and the Puranas, described a lot about the Holy Trinity. The Hindu Trinity consists of three prominent deities: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. You would be wondering, "how is this connected to introversion?!" Well, this is very much connected. Two out of these three prominent deities are introverts! Maybe, someone would argue that introversion is a Western psychological concept and it's absurd to depict a deity as 'an introvert'. I would disagree. The term 'introvert' is not entirely a Western concept as there is a Sanskrit word that describes the introverted quality of a person!

Brahma, the God of creation, as believed by Hindus, has no direct dealing with the worlds he creates and it is very hard to reach out to him. Hindus also believe that Brahma is the one, without a beginning or an end, and is the source of all. He has four heads, which symbolizes his knowledge. He also had a fifth head, which was the embodiment of arrogance and ego. But, it was chopped off by Shiva, when Brahma's arrogance made him furious!! In spite of being the creator, Brahma is the least worshiped God in Hinduism. According to legends, once Brahma and Vishnu were overwhelmed with the sense of superiority. To prove his supremacy over all, Brahma lied to Shiva and tried to trick Vishnu. Shiva became furious and then cursed Brahma that he would never be worshiped by humans. Brahma became materialistic and also lost his prestigious status as the God of elegance. In pictures, he is often shown in a yoga position, lost in thought, with eyes closed and preoccupied with the process of creation. An introvert, indeed!

Shiva, the God of destruction, as believed by Hindus, destroyed Tripura (the three flying cities), which was constructed by the demons. He is the most worshiped God in Hinduism along with Vishnu. Shiva is also called 'Swayambha' (the self-created one). He keeps his eyes shut to the external stimulation and is fully absorbed in bliss: self-created, internal and eternal. Hindus consider Shiva as the cosmic man, who feels no need for natural forces and he has destroyed 'Kama', the God of desires. 'Kama' was reduced to ashes, when he tried to distract Shivas meditation! Hindus believe that Shiva possesses no property and sits in absolute isolation, on top of a snow capped mountain, at the center of the Universe, paying no heed to this biological, physiological sequence and is oblivious to the materialistic world around him. Shiva is disengaged and doesn't feel any urge with Parvati, who had earlier resorted to many years of extreme asceticism to win his affections and yet it took plenty of time and effort to compel him, to become aware of her and the world. The ultimate introvert, indeed! In fact, Shiva is a hermit. But then, I would say that hermit is an extreme form of introversion!!

Vishnu, the God of preservation, as believed by Hindus, on the contrary, is an extrovert, although some of his avatars are introverts! Hindus also believe that Vishnu often appears to save the Devas, has many vibrant avatars and practically descends every yuga (era), of every Manav Antara.

Apparently, I can see some striking similarities between the God in Abrahamic religions and introverts: God doesn't deal with most humans in person; introverts too, don't like to deal with most humans in person. God preferred only a few prophets, over the whole of humanity, to convey his messages; introverts prefer one or two people, over a bunch of people, to convey their messages (no phone calls, please!) Finally, God is invisible, so are introverts!!


  1. The fact that you being a Muslim is writing blogs on other religions truly makes me happy that no matter from whichever faith we are, we all are one.

  2. I loved this article of yours bro! Keep up the good work.

  3. While I thank you for not ridiculing idol worship, I would humbly disagree with your interpretation. Hinduism is not a religion, it is a dharma, a way of life. Every one, irrespective of he is a Hindu or a non Hindu, has the right to realisation of god. God is not revealed through prophets or special messenger. Rather in Hinduism, seers have a vision of god. But anyone can attain this vision through specific practice, sadhana. Swami Vivekananda, before he became a disciple, he asked Sri Rama Krishna have you seen god? Sri Rama Krishna responded not only I have seen, I can show it to you too. That is practical aspect of Dharma. It is available to everyone as a right.

  4. Thank you for your insights, Abhijit Ray :-)

  5. I had a fantastic read Adil. I have to admit that after a long layoff I have read some quality non-news stuff related to religions.


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