Introversion: Past, Present And Future

Introvert Past Present Future
We live in an era of information and technology. How would your life be, if you were born 100 years back with this so-called 'weird' personality trait?! How hard it would have been for our ancestors (only introverts) to overcome small talk and social interactions back then?! Have you ever thought about that? No! You only think about yourself!! Let us take a moment, to remember the hardships our ancestors would have endured! Now, I'm going to dig into the past life of people who were born in the 1890's with this 'weird' personality trait! We will see, how things really turned out for those poor souls.

As compared to people who were born in 1990's, childhood would have been different for people born in 1890's. Video games and television cartoons are the major entertaining sources for kids of 1990's. Television was invented in 1927. Comic books were negligible in 1890's and it gained popularity only in 1930's. And when it comes to video games, technology started its baby steps only in late 1940's. So obviously, people born in 1890's were more into outdoor games, as kids. Back then, introversion masqueraded as shyness!! In fact, the word introversion was popularized by Psychologist Carl Jung only in 1921! Oh boy!! Parents back then would have wondered," What is wrong with my kid?, Why is he less outgoing? Oh well, maybe he is just too shy!!"

Back then, Psychology has been in its initial stages, just evolving. It couldn't unravel this complexity of our brains until 1921!! Too late for people born in 1890's! Adolescence would be harder, for school and college life involves more group interactions. Introverts would have been subjected to bullying or ragging for their quiet nature; not much different from todays. But, the thing is, not all adolescent boys and girls could acquire formal education, back then. There weren't many established middle-class families in those days, in India. Only the higher classes prevailed. Adolescents would help their father, in small businesses and construction works, to feed their family. Some parents even considered formal education as a waste of money and time. The global situation wouldn't have been much different, since most Nations were struggling from colonization, civil war, racism, and poverty.

Masqueraded introversion was considered a huge weakness, back then. A kind of antisocial behavior characterized by laziness and less productivity. Adolescents were forced by parents to mingle with the society. Finding alone time would have been harder for introverts, in those days. And if an introvert resides in a densely populated region, then he would mostly find himself surrounded by people! Sigh!! How could an individual discover himself, and unleash his mind, if he is deprived of solitude?!

Time flies and they would reach adulthood, which would be the hardest!! They would have the least interest in people. But since they have somehow mastered socializing (thanks to parent's persuasion), they would keep that thought hidden! Lucky would be those introverts who could find good books and magazines from libraries, at ease. The rest, who would have no time, would just skim over the daily newspapers and work their ass off to make ends meet. Introverts who would have excess outdoor works would wonder: " Why am I so exhausted from just talking?, Why am I the only one in the Universe who hates talking?, Well, maybe I'm totally flawed!". Their self-esteem would be very low and they would try harder to live with it, until the beginning of World War I (1914)!!

Once the War begins, there would be no worries regarding introversion. Why, because nobody would care about a personality trait, for they have a goddamn War to fight! Definitely, introverts have to put in extra effort as they would have no choice. A War is a War! I wouldn't say, everyone was involved in the War. If they were not stricken out by the War, they probably would have been stricken out by panic and chaos, caused by War news. The famous quote from the movie 'Fight Club' sums up everything concerning our modern world:

" We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives"

Once the World War I and World War II comes to an end, it would have taken an Everest effort for the whole of humanity to rebuild the world. Introverts would have been no different, they too would have gone with the flow. Time would just fly when you go with the flow. They would reach their old age, rather quickly.

Old age would have been pretty much the same for introverts and extroverts, back then. People tend to be more realistic when they become old. They wouldn't worry about people's validation. They would just speak their minds, they would just talk about anything, everything, and Wars to their grandchildren. And they would die someday, peacefully. That's how your life would have turned out, if you were born in 1890's.

Now, let us come back to our modern world. Life is now pretty much easier compared to our ancestors, isn't it? We have all the modern types of equipment to keep us entertained. If we can't buy a book, we can download its pdf, plenty of mobile apps and computer games. Netflix, movies, TV-series and torrents help us heavily once we get exhausted by social interactions. Everything is at our fingertips, nowadays.

If someone criticizes us for our introverted behavior, we could explain our detailed research regarding introversion, to them: " See dude, this is an extraterrestrial personality trait and normal people might not be able to grasp this. Just check out facebook or any other social media, man. There are hundreds of pages and groups dedicated to introversion, with millions of members, exactly like me. I'm not alone. Maybe, you extroverts constitute the majority, but without us, the world would be in chaos. Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi And Abraham Lincoln were introverts. Many great writers, thinkers, and philosophers are introverts. Dozens of books have been written, describing the beauty of introversion. We are on a roll, mate!"

See, how far have we come, since 1890's. Back then, introverts reactions to the critics wouldn't have been like this. Ofcourse, some would have dealt with it cleverly, but many would have become demoralized and pessimistic their whole life. We are lucky! Thanks to Carl Jung!! Now, the future looks even better for next generation introverts! 100 years from now, Robotics would be highly evolved with all crazy types of robots ranging from Pole-dancing Robots to Sex Robots, that could possibly replace humans partially or completely! Savage!! A blessing in disguise for introverts. Well,2117, don't spoil our successors!!!


  1. this makes me go super introverted to the next higher level... well explained man ...

  2. I am not really an introvert but this article is spot on about understanding introverts!


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