4 Mediocrities In Life That INTJs Hate

INTJs (Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judgment) are one of the rarest of the 16 personalities on the Myers-Briggs Type and constitute just 2% of the world's population. They are sometimes portrayed as the evil masterminds and villains (the likes of Professor Moriarty and Hannibal Lector) who are cold, emotionless and heartless. But these are mostly stereotypes and misconceptions. INTJs are not emotionless, inhuman or cold and they actually feel emotions very deeply. The thing is, they struggle to express their emotions. Therefore, they exhibit poker faces.

INTJs prefer a logical mind over an emotional heart and they don't want an ordinary life. They are very open-minded people, but can't stand the stupid stuff. Therefore, they keep a high standard in life. Perhaps that's what their brain demands. They just can't stand mediocrities and these are some mediocrities that INTJs hate:

1. Mediocre Discussions/Conversations

INTJ small talk

It is very well known that INTJs hate small talks and insignificant discussions. Let us see, how a conversation would turn out for an INTJ who's unlucky enough to attend a family function:

Cousin 1: Have you seen the photo of Aunt May's baby on Instagram?!

Cousin 2: Oh yes! He is so lovely, I just can't wait to see him!

INTJ: He looks...healthy.

What he would be really thinking: Someone please tell them, I don't care!

Perhaps, INTJs wouldn't say anything at all. Mostly that comment passed by INTJ would rather come out of an INFJs mouth, as they are the sensitive ones who don't like to upset anyone with their awkward silence. And INFJs sometimes find INTJs as arrogant because of their aloofness and self-assurance.

2. Mediocre Movies

INTJ Logic Movie

INTJs love logical reasonings to an extent that they might even look for logics and realism in a brainless potboiler movie. For instance, a friend would urge an INTJ to accompany him to watch a recently released blockbuster movie that is running successfully in theaters. Reluctantly, INTJ would go to the movie. While watching this 'blockbuster' movie, INTJ would go on complaining to his friend. "Dude, you told me this is the best movie of the decade. Hard to swallow, mate. See, they have spent millions for the CGI work and now look at the output. This is just high school graphics at best. Now, look at those stunt scenes. They have completely defied gravity and not even a bit of realism in that. Perhaps the stunts were filmed in Space! The story is highly predictable, too many overdramatized and cheesy slow motion scenes, exaggerated with meaningless songs and comics. They could have well finished the movie in half an hour. I'm done with it. Don't expect me again for such movies, you peasant!

And now these are the ones who give 1/10 rating for the 'blockbuster' movies that have a 7.5 overall rating on IMDb! Can't fault them cause INTJs have high standards and cheesy movies definitely deserve bashing.

3. Mediocre Jokes

INTJ Joke Humor

They may appear stoic but trust me, they have a wonderful sense of humor, sarcastic humor, to be precise. Sometimes, their sarcasm is so advanced that people actually think they are stupid! INTJs would laugh their heads off even for a silly joke or a troll. But that silly joke must be of a high standard! There are people who can laugh whole heartedly at stupid little things in life and then there are INTJs who would still be searching for the goddamn joke! For instance, a friend would tell a lame joke, "Did you hear about the two guys who stole a calendar? They each got 6 months! Hahaha...!" If an INFJ hears this, he would most probably fake chuckling along with other friends to avoid awkwardness, while an INTJ would be wondering " WTF did I just hear?!" 

But occasionally, an INTJ would also fake a chuckle if there is an overlap of introverted feeling (Fi). Don't be surprised, everyone has feelings!

4. Mediocre Teammates

INTJ Planner Strategist
INTJs are planners and strategists. Probably, the most miserable thing that can befall an INTJ is being unable to implement one's plan. If they have a project to accomplish and they have to do this with a group comprising of mediocre workers, then that would be their worst nightmare. Chances are that things would go aimless, no one would take the charge and INTJ would take the role of leader, albeit hesitantly. Most of the time, the majority of the work would be done by them. But ultimately, due to the lack of co-operation from other workers, the project wouldn't be a success as they would have expected. This would dissatisfy them to the core.

INTJs just hate group projects, rather they would work alone and be their own leader! Working alone wouldn't be really tough for them because they are the 'hermits'!


  1. i agree with all of this ~ i've been intj my whole life. mediocre folks bore me..

    1. INTJs are the master race...LOL

    2. you two INTJs better behave yourselves or risk obliteration by ENTJs

    3. You can't because you'll never find us. INTJs are invisible lol.

  2. That is so true,I can relate to all that

  3. I'm an ENTJ but all of these reflect to me!!! #4 is so true! I hate group projects because it will end up disastrous and I will be forced to do most things!

  4. Great article. Very informative. I didn't know that there were 16 personalities. Thank you very much.

  5. I'm an INTP but I guess that also applies to us.

    1. Yes! There are quite a lot of similarities between INTJs and INTPs :-)

    2. I'm borderline INTJ and INTP. While the differences are subtle I feel I can be one or the other on different days.

    3. That's exactly how I feel!


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